How to champion inclusive language on your team
-> Atlassian team21, 2021
ADW 2021
How to craft your path in the design industry
-> Austin Design Week, 2021
Building empathy with microstories.001
Building empathy with microstories
-> Atlassian Design Week, 2021
Better personas
Personas 2.0 – How archetypes can get us closer to our customers
-> Atlassian Product Craft, 2021
Embrace Unlearning 1
How changing our language can reframe our world
-> Austin Design Week, 2020
Remote Collaboration & Brainstorming in Design
-> General Assembly, 2020
Remote Collaboration & Brainstorming in Design
-> General Assembly, 2020
Frame 19
How to build community and culture in distributed teams 
-> General Assembly, 2020
Frame 21
How to foster sustainable productivity on your team
-> Atlassian Summit, 2020
ADW 2019
How remote design can make space for the best ideas
-> Austin Design Week, 2019
Building Partnerships as a Designer
-> Trello Design Offsite, 2019
Design & AI
Design & AI
-> Austin Design Week, 2018
Designing for the Relapse
Designing for the relapse: How to help our users adopt open work
-> Atlassian Design Week, 2018
Designing the future self
Designing the collaboration with AI 
-> Design House, 2017
Embracing Ambiguity
Embracing ambiguity with design thinking
-> Creative Mornings, 2017
Business Strategy for Designers
Business Strategy for Designers
-> Austin Design Week, 2016